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Cross Country (FALL)

During the fall of cross country season, we meet at the white tent in Schenley Plaza at 5:30 PM every day (excluding the weekends). Eventually, upon daylight savings, these practices will get moved back to 4:30 PM (you will be notified of this).

We will have workouts Monday and Thursday (posted in the discord). These workouts will be done on the Schenley Oval, which we will run up to after our initial meet-up at the tent at 5:30.


Track & Field (spring)

During track and field in the spring, we will also meet at the white tent in Schenley Plaza but starting at 4:30 PM. However, we only meet here on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Monday and Thursday, our workout days, we meet up at the Fitzgerald Field House on the 200 meter indoor track. The start time for these workout days is 7:00pm.

Practice spots

Common Routes 

Birmingham (5.8 miles)

Dallas (5.3 miles)

ellsworth (4.8 miles)


Beechwood (6.5 miles)


Summer Training (6k/8k)

For those of you who would like to have a 6k/8k training plan to refer to and/or follow for the summer of 2022, Check out the PDF's below. Enjoy :)

Marathon training

For those of you interested in racing a marathon, Here are two training plans you can use/reference. The left one was jacob Montgomery's plan for the 2021 glass city marathon, and the one on the right is caroline roumpz' plan for the 2021 tobacco road marathon. 

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