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meet the board


Tim purcell


Heyo I'm Tim! A little about me: I am a senior studying industrial engineering and this will be my fourth year in the club. I’m originally from Central New Jersey (yes, it does in fact exist) and am willing to defend my home state at any cost. My favorite ways of procrastinating schoolwork (besides running, of course) would be playing Spikeball, watching niche YouTube video essays, and trying my best to cook a new recipe. Being able to come to practice and race with the team has been a highlight of my college experience and I’m looking forward to a fun year with everyone!


Casey Cuprynski


Hi, I’m Casey and I’m the running club treasurer this year! I am a junior at Pitt majoring in data science with a minor in creative writing. I ventured over to Oakland from the far away land of Washington State, where I lived north of Seattle. You’ll be dealing with me for anything in the club related to money, but hopefully we’ll speak on other terms as well. Running has been a massive part of my life for years now, running everything from a 100m dash to the Pittsburgh Marathon. I’m never the fastest competitor, but that certainly doesn’t stop me from trying and I'd probably be a husk of a person if I didn't run. This club has only strengthened my passion for running and I hope it does the same for you. As a member of the board, I want to emphasize that club running is for everyone, from the person who sprints ten miles every day to the person who just wants to suffer through a short jog on occasion. Outside of running, you can find me looking for a good book in Carnegie Library, binge-watching Survivor, and wearing hats to conceal my secrets. If you don’t know me already, and whether you want to know me or not, I will find you and I look forward to meeting you!


Tom Chimes

race coordinator

What's poppin' everyone! My name's Tom, and I am excited to be the team's race coordinator this year! I am a senior Industrial Engineering student here at Pitt. My favorite race is the 8k during the cross country season, but my favorite aspect of the club is the sense of community that we all have with each other. Some random things about myself are that I like doing outdoorsy activities (beyond just running), I like watching movies, hanging out with friends is fun, and my favorite meal to cook is my legendary French onion chicken recipe. I look forward to organizing the races this year and absolutely killing it on the course!


Bri Smith

Travel coordinator

Hey! I’m Bri Smith, and I’ll be your newest travel coordinator. Basically, I’ll be getting you where you need to go. This year, I’ll be on the team for 3 years. For two of them, I was either a Captain or on E-Board. Currently, I’m in my P1 year of Pharmacy School (technically a Junior). So, when I’m not running or studying, you can see me binging a TV show or listening to some music. I’ve been a part of Club Running since Freshman year, and I’ve been able to find my closest friends because of it. The Club is much more than just a team. Can’t wait to meet everyone! 


Zach Conley

Social media coordinator

Hey everyone!! My name is Zach Conley and I am a senior Marketing major with two certificates: digital media and digital marketing.  I am from Pittsburgh, Pa, so if anyone needs help around the city, don't be afraid to ask!  I currently work for UPMC within the Marketing Intelligence and Branding division and I am also a tour guide here at Pitt. (Hail2Pathfinders)  My favorite movie genre is Horror so that makes Halloween my top holiday.  I listen to a lot of music and between concerts and vinyl records, my wallet despises me.  I have been running since 7th grade and part of Pitt Club Running since sophomore year when I transferred from Pitt Greensburg, which is a branch campus.  I would say my favorite club memory is for sure formal because we all get to dress up and just have fun.  I can't wait to see everyone again and meet all the new members!  Don't be afraid to come to talk to me, I am probably the most personable person you could meet.  P.S. If you want a shoutout on the Insta, let me know ;)


Allie Squeri

Co-fundraising chair

Hello, I’m Allie Squeri, one of your co-fundraising chairs. I’m a junior majoring in Molecular Biology/Biochemistry, minoring in Chemistry, and pursuing a Conceptual Foundations of Medicine certificate. Outside of studying and running, I’m known for binging shows absurdly quick or playing the electric guitar. I’ve been running with the club since freshman year and have enjoyed every second of it with everyone! I look forward to a fast, fun(draising) year ahead and meeting new members!


Addison Mueller

co-fundraising chair

Hello, I’m Addison Mueller, one of your co-fundraising chairs. I’m a junior majoring in materials science and engineering and minoring in gender studies, and I’m from Eldersburg, Maryland. Some of my favorite things -- movie: Ratatouille, song: Vienna by Billy Joel, band: ABBA, treat: Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups, Pittsburgh bridge: Smithfield. When I’m not running or studying, I’m probably reading, playing pickleball, or rewatching one of my comfort shows (Over the Garden Wall or Gilmore Girls). I’ve been running with the club since my freshman year, and my favorite club memory is Nirca Nats weekend. I’m looking forward to a fun year of raising funds (per my job description), running fast, and meeting new Club Running homies.

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